Chapter 2 – Night

When the sun change to the moon.

When night come closer by.

That was the time i feel myself.

I feel and keep looking at myself.


When I was a kid,

Night always give me a scary look.

Some said there’s monster there.

Some said that night is frightened.


Day by day, month by month and year by year.

I suddenly realized that

night has become my closest friend.

When I can be myself without disturbing the other.


On the night,

I can free myself.

Free from what society called : “life”

Free from the other’s thought about me.


When night passes by,

I always look into myself.

Doing something

which is only me and the moon only know.


Night give me life.

Give me life that I can choose with my own will

Life that I can do something

Without caring what people thought about it.


Night is my favourite time.

Night is a part of my life.

I afraid nothing at the night

Night suddenly become my hope


That’s why,

I always wait for night to come

Wait it took me to the endless dream

When I can be myself


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