Chapter 4 – Keep Dreaming and Find Your Own Path


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It’s been a long day

Day when I lies my dream

Day when my hope was made

And day when I start walking forward

Just to chasing my own dreams

Since 00:00 to 24:00

Since 1 until 31

Since January until December

So much time that have been passed

So many experience that I had

So many truth that I’ve learned

Knowing the world’s true face

Tearing mask that lies within the world

My brain think rationally

My heart feel everything

My body move to do my activity

But why I have this mainstream feeling within me?

I suddenly realize

My dream is still afar far away to reach

So many things to do in order to catch them

So why do I think that I’m a failure kind?

Right now, I’ll keep chasing my dream

Even so many challenge and obstacle ahead

I’ll do my best

To finally able to catch and hold my dream within me


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