Chapter 6 – As If I’ll Forget You


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This night, something is coming into my mind

I remember how we spend time together

How time passes by when we are together

When we two challenge this world


There’s time when we holding hand

Like there’s no one can broke us

There’s time when we’re opposing each other

Like there’s no one can joint us together


Tears drop by

My eyes’ as swell as balloon

As I’ve been told the fact

That you’re not here anymore

Not even a single good-bye can I give you


And now here lies me

Sitting beside your grave

Crying like a baby

While rememberin’ our time together


No matter what happen

Even it mean we’re not together anymore

and also we’re in the different-seperate-world

I still hoping that you’re beside me now


And now

What’s already happen, happened.

I can’t change the fact though

So maybe.. Just maybe

I’ll accept the reality in front of me


So with this cry of mine

I officially tell you

With all my heart

“I’ll Never Forget You”


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