Chapter 7 – Am I deserve to live?

When I wake up in the morning

Seeing everyone beside me

Seeing the sky goes by

I often ask myself

“Am I really deserves this life?”


I always feel bad for myself

I always thought about “am I annoyance to the other?”

Seems that I also thought that I am kinda freak or what

It is true after all, isn’t it?


I always do mistake

Mistake that no need to be made

I rarely do something right

And often people ask me

“What are your intention? Are you crazy?”


I really want to help the other people

I really don’t want to disturb them

That’s why I often wonder

“Am I doing thing right?”


When the time come

I want everyone beside me find their own happiness

Even with my help or not

Even when they ask me

“Who are you?”


That’s why

Sometimes thing stuck in my mind

and I often ask myself

“am I need to die to make them happy?”


Not only that

It seems that I become the introvert person

The one who rarely talk to the other

Just because of thinking others so high

And keep asking myself

“Am I a disturbance for them?”


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