Chapter 11 – Dream, Hope, Passion, Motivation

Since there’s one thing and another, I missed chapter 9 and 10. So sorry about that 😦 but i’ll try to make them later 🙂 So here is it, chapter 11.


When I say I can fly

Would you believe me?

When I say I can take on this world

Would you trust me?


Sometimes, I wonder

What will I do,

If I can fly?

Or I can take over the world?


Yes, it’s just a day-dream

But somehow

Deep inside my heart there’s always hope

That it’ll become true


Maybe that’s the way

For me to running away from the reality

That I couldn’t even floating in the air

But what’s wrong with having a dream?


Dream and hope

Two of them joined with passion

That’s the most motivation in my life

To do something


Why don’t we try to dream?

Even it’s just a day-dream

When It will be our spirit

To change ourselves to a better human-being.


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