Mencoba Berbahasa Inggris

This poem is dedicated to anyone who still want to read it, anyone who enjoy it, and anyone who love it…

Some people say it’s love
Some people say it’s just being kind
Some people say it’s how to act appropriately
Some people say it’s just enjoying life

Me? I’m just sitting here
Looking at the night sky
And i find that the moon is watching me too
But I notice some sadness in her vision

Remember the time that…
Ah never mind,
I don’t think even the sun still remember
Even the rain can’t even remember anymore

Do you remember?
When we hold our hand together
When we form some bond,
that only the two of us is remember?

Don’t worry.
I’m not here to make you remember
Once again,
I’m just sitting here with the moon

When people used to envy to us
When people used to (not really) try to seperate us
When people…..
Too many ‘when people’ moment you know

You are one of my treasure,
and it never change
at least until now
Because i seems to forget,
About how can i forget you completely


-axel ct-


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